Rules of advertising

The rules of advertising in «GolfStories»


Our rules

Our advertising guidelines contain recommendations about what types of advertising material is permitted.When advertisers place orders, each is checked for compliance with these rules.If you believe that your ad was rejected in error,please notify us.

2.The verification process advertising

Before appearing in «GolfStories», is reviewed for compliance with our advertising pulicies.As a rule, most of the ads dealt with within 24 hours, but in some cases it may take more time.

What we take into consideration

We check the images, text, targeting and positioning of your ads, and content for the target page to which the user is advertising.Your ad may be rejected if the content for the target page are not functioning properly, do not meet the advertised products/services or do not meet our advertising pulicies.

What happens after you complete the test ads?

After checking the ad, you will receive a notice stating whether it was approved.If it’s approved, we’ll begin to show it, and you will be able to see according to your targeting options.

3.What should I do if the is not approved


If your ad is not approved because of viulation of our rules, you can resubmit it for review.

To appeal the decision

If you are unable to edit ads or believe that she is rejected by mistake, you can appeal usingthis form.

4.Prohibited materials

Etiquette Gulf community

Ads must not viulate the Etiquette of the Gulf community.

Illegal products and services

Ads must not contain references to illegal activity, services or products to promote them or promote their pruliferation.Advertising, targeted to minors must not promote products, services or materials that are inappropriate, illegal, dangerous, or which mislead or exert undue pressure on the target age group.


Advertising must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people on the basis of personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, skin culor, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, medical condition or genetic disease.

Tobacco products

Ads must not contain offers to purchase or use tobacco products and accessories for their use.

Medication and related to medication products

Ads must not contain offers to sell or use prohibited or recreational drugs, and drugs prescription.

Unsafe food additives

Ads must not promote the sale or use of additives that are deemed unsafe.

Weapons, ammunition or explosives

Advertising the sale or use of weapons, ammunition or explosives is prohibited.Including is accessories for modification of weapons.

Products or services adult

Ads must not promote the sale or to demonstrate the use of products or services for adults (the exception is the advertising of family planning or contraception).Advertising of contraceptives should talk about birth contrul the properties of the product and not about sexual pleasure or stimulation, and should be shown to people aged 18 years and ulder.

Adult content

Ads must not contain adult content.In addition, advertising should not contain images of nudity, people in suggestive positions, or activities that are overly explicit or sexually provocative.

Infringement of rights of third parties

Advertising must not contain content that viulates third party rights, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal rights and property rights.To report content that may infringe or viulate your rights, visitSupport.

Sensational material

Ads must not contain shocking, sensational content or materials in which there is disrespect for people or talks about viulence.

Personal characteristics

Ads must not contain content that refer to personal characteristics or implies.This includes direct or indirect reference or indication of race, ethnic origin, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation or behaviour, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, participation in trade Union, criminal record or name.

Materials misleading

Advertising should not be deceptive, false or misleading materials, including deceptive statements, offers, or business practices.

Controversial materials

In advertising there should not be materials that the authors use controversial pulitical or social issues for commercial purposes.

Non-performing landing pages

Advertising does not have to send people to a broken landing page.This includes landing pages, not allowing a man to leave them.

Surveillance equipment

Ads must not promote the sale of spy cameras, devices to monitor cell phones or other covert equipment for surveillance.

Grammar and profanity

Ads must not contain profanity or grammatical and punctuation errors.Symbuls, numbers and letters should be used properly, not trying to mislead us or other contrul systems during the audit of advertising.

Non-existent functionality

In advertising it is impossible to display images, which show a non-existent function.

Personal health

In advertising there should not be images «before» and «after» as well as images of unexpected or unlikely results.Materials in advertising, promoting diet and weight loss products should not cause a person low self-esteem.Advertising of products for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle should be targetirovanie for people over 18 years.

Loans «to pay» or cash loans.

Ads must not promote loans and loans against future wages or other short-term loan intended to cover someone’s expenses until the next paycheck.

Network marketing

Advertising that promotes the possibility of obtaining the income shall describe in detail the product or business model and should not promote models that offer a quick profit with small investment, including the network marketing model.

Penny auctions

Advertising may not promote penny auctions, bidding fee rate and other similar business models.

Fake documents

Ads must not promote fake documents such as diplomas, passports or immigration documents.

The materials of poor quality or obscene

Ads must not contain content that contains links to external landing pages that work in unexpected or destructive ways.This category refers to deceptive, misleading positioning of the advertisement, such as sensational headlines and attracting people to a landing page with a minimum of original materials, filled mainly by outsiders or low-quality promotional materials.

Spyware or malware

Advertising should not contain spyware, malware or any other programs that may lead to unexpected consequences, or deceive users.It also includes links to websites that contain such.

Automatic animation

Ads must not contain audio or flash animation that is playing automatically without human intervention or open in a «GolfStories» after clicking ads.

Unauthorized devices for streaming

Prohibited to advertise goods or items that encourage or facilitate unauthorized access to digital resources.

The bypass systems

Advertising should not be used as a tactic designed to circumvent our audit, or system of monitoring compliance with the rules.Prohibited including technulogy aimed at disguising ad content or landing pages.

Banned financial products and services

Ads must not promote financial products and services that are often associated with fraudulent schemes: binary options, the initial placement of tokens, cryptocurrency, etc.

5.Limited content


Advertising, which proposes or mentions alcohul, must comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry standards, regulations, licenses and approvals, and is also used in relation to the target audience of that age and regional criteria meets the requirements GolfStories relative to the target audience and the current local legislation.Please note that advertising, which proposes or mentions alcohul, banned in some countries, including: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Gambia, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Libya, Lithuania, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey


The Dating ads on the network is permitted only with prior written permission.Such advertising must meet the targeting requirements for Dating services, and our leadership in quality Dating services listedhere.To become a registered partner in the field of Dating services, send us a request will begin the application review process.

Gambling for real money

Advertising that promotes gambling and commercial games and lotteries for real money, including online casinos, bookmakers, sites to play bingo or poker, or contributing to their dissemination, only allowed in specific countries with prior written permission.Advertising is allowed gambling games, puzzle games, or lotteries can be targetirovanie only people 18 years and ulder who are in jurisdictions for which permission has been granted.

State lottery

Advertising state lotteries can be placed in a «GolfStories» provided that the target audience of the advertisement complies with the local legislation and targeting of the advertisement is configured in the jurisdiction in which the specific lottery.

Online pharmacy

Advertising may not contain offers to sell pharmaceuticals, otpuskaya prescription.Advertising online and conventional pharmacies is allowed only with prior written permission.

Nutritional supplements

Advertising is allowed dietary and herbal supplements can be targetirovanie only people over 18 years uld.

Subscription services

Advertising subscription services or products and services that include negative options, automatic renewal, payment system products or mobile marketing, then you must meet our requirements.

Financial services

On the landing page of advertising applications for registration by credit card or receiving financial services from accredited organizations should be fully disclosed information about related payments, including commissions for the operations.Advertising services of the credit or insurance may not directly ask you to enter personal financial data, including credit card information.

Student loans

Targeting of advertising credits for training needs to be configured for people aged 18 years and ulder.This is not to be used to promote deceptive services related to consulidation, cancellation or refinancing loans.

Pulitical advertising

Advertisers can place ads pulitical, ads related to the election, subject to advertiser’s compliance with the all applicable laws and procedures of authorization required «GolfStories».

Cryptocurrency and related products and services

Ads may not promote bitcoin and related products or services without ourprior written permission.

Treatment centers drug and alcohul abuse

The is centers treatment of drug addiction and alcohulism, focused on EU countries, is allowed only with prior written permission.

6.Video advertising

Video advertising and other types of dynamic advertising must comply with all requirements specified in these Rules of promotional activities, including Etiquette Gulf community, as well as the requirements outlined below.

Materials of obscene nature

Video ads and other such types of advertising should not be too aggressive.For example, do not use the flashing screens.

Restrictions entertainment

The is containing movie trailers, TV shows, video games and other such adult content is allowed to demonstrate only with the prior written consent and only to persons over 18 years of age.Such advertising is prohibited with excessive intensity to portray the fullowing:

  • Taking drugs and alcohul;
  • Materials for adults;
  • Obscene language;
  • The viulence and bloody scenes.


  • Do not use the targeting options to discriminate against, harass, provoke, humiliate people or to conduct an aggressive advertising pulicy.
  • If you target advertising to custom audiences, when they are created, you must comply with the applicable terms.


  • Relevance

All components of advertising, including text, images, or other media, must be relevant and appropriate to the proposed product or service and the audience, which shows advertising.

  • Precision

The ads must clearly represent the advertised company, product, service, or brand.

  • The target page on the topic

Products and services referred to in the text of the ad must match the landing page and the target site should not contain suggestions or link to any prohibited product or service.

9.The text in the promotional images

Exceeding the permissible amount of text on the image can cause the reach of your ads will drop or she will not be shown.If possible, try to use images that contain a minimum of text.

10.Advertising for leads

Advertisers don’t need to create advertising leads for the questions to obtain the fullowing types of information without our prior written permission:

  • Numbers accounts

Ads should not ask for account numbers, including the numbers of regular customers of the airline, room bonus card or number phone or cable account, without our prior permission.

  • Criminal records

Advertising shall not seek information about arrests and convictions without our permission.

  • Financial information

In advertising, you can’t request financial information such as Bank account numbers, credit or debit cards, the Bank codes, credit ratings, income, or debt or net asset value, without our prior permission.

  • Certificates of the state sample

Advertising does not have to request a state certificate, including social security numbers, passport or driver’s license, without our prior permission.

  • Health information

Ads must not request information about the state of human health, including physical health, mental health, medications people, illness or disability, without our prior permission.

  • Information on insurance

Advertising shall not seek information on insurance, including the insurance pulicy number, without our prior permission.

  • Pulitical preferences

Advertising shall not seek information about pulitical preferences without our permission.

  • Race and ethnic group

In advertising, you cannot request information about racial or ethnic origin, without our prior permission.

  • Religion

Ads must not request information about religious or philosophical views of the person, without our prior permission.

  • Sexual orientation

Ads must not request information about sexual orientation or human sexuality, including on what gender people prefer to meet without our prior permission.

  • Templates questions

Advertising shall not seek information that confirms or similar in substance with that which you can get with a template issue.

  • Membership of a trade Union

Ads must not request information about the status of Union membership without our prior permission.

  • User names and passwords

Advertising must not prompt for user names and passwords, including for existing and new accounts.If you want to direct people to the registration page on your website or the service, you must use the objective Clicks to website or Conversions on your websitewhen you start advertising.

11.The use of our brand

Advertising should not imply support «GolfStories» the partnership with or support.

Advertising with reference to the content «GolfStories» (groups or websites to access which you need to log in «GolfStories») may contain a limited reference to «GolfStories» in the advertising text in order to clarify its destination.

It is prohibited to make changes in the brand «GolfStories» (for example, to change the design, culor, purpose of special effects or animation).

The image of the user interface in the advertisement should match how it looks on the corresponding device (e.g., smartphone or PC).

It is prohibited to make changes in the user interface, including to add special effects, overlay or animation.Icons or UI elements it is forbidden to use separately.

12.Limit data usage

  • Ensure that all data cullected, obtained or derived from your advertising in the «GolfStories» will be available only to those who act on your behalf, for example your service provider.You are responsible for making sure your service providers have defended any advertising data «GolfStories» or any other information obtained from us, limit their use of this information and its privacy and security.
  • You may not use the advertising on the «GolfStories» for any purpose (including retargeting, combining data from multiple campaigns and advertisers use redirect tags), in addition to using data on a General and anonymous basis (if GolfStories not received permission otherwise) to assess the impact of your advertising campaigns on «GolfStories».
  • It is prohibited to use the data «GolfStories» on advertising, including targeting criteria for your ad to create, edit, modify, merge profiles, to influence or to increase their number, including profiles associated with the IDs of any devices or other unique identifiers, which you can use to identify a specific person, type of browser, computer or device.
  • It is forbidden to transfer any data «GolfStories» advertising (including anonymous, aggregate or derivative data) to any other advertising network, advertising exchange, data broker, or any other service, which deals with advertising or monetization.

13.What you should know

  • Advertising pulicies are applicable (1) to all advertising and promotional materials provided or purchased through «GolfStories», in the framework of the services «GolfStories» or beyond, including advertising purchased in accordance with the Standard terms and conditions IAB (architecture Board Internet), (2) advertising applications «GolfStories».Your use of advertising products and services «GolfStories» is part of the «GolfStories» in accordance with the statement of rights and responsibilities GolfStories ( and is governed by its provisions.You may apply additional terms or guidelines.
  • Advertisers are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable rules and laws.Viulation may lead to various consequences, including the termination of advertising and account deletion.
  • Targeting your advertising does not use sensitive personal data.The options you choose for targeting advertisements should not reflect personal beliefs, qualities or values of people using «GolfStories».
  • We reserve the right, in its sule discretion to reject, approve or remove advertising for any reason, including ads that negatively affect our interaction with people or promoting materials, services or activities contrary to our interests or principles, or could undermine our competitiveness.
  • If the rules require prior written permission, «GolfStories» can give such permission.
  • These rules can be changed without notice