Branded content


Questions and answers in this section provide information about trademarks, including what exactly protects a trademark as not to violate the trademark rights of others when you post «GolfStories» and about how «GolfStories» handles reports of violations of trademark rights.If you believe that someone is violating your trademark rights, you can fillthis form.

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Frequently asked questions in this section contain information about copyright, including how you can protect your own works and do not infringe the rights of others when posting in the «GolfStories» and the addresses «GolfStories» reports of copyright infringement.If you believe someone is using your copyrighted work without your permission you can fill inthis form.

Please note that the laws of different countries may vary.More detailed information on copyright can be found on the websiteof the world intellectual property organization (WIPO).«GolfStories»I can’t give You legal advice, so you can talk to a lawyer if you have questions about copyright.

What is branded content?

Branded content (branded content) — content can be described as infotainment, but the addition of advertising component.He still entertains and educates users, but it attaches to your brand, increasing awareness and credibility.

Rules for placing branded content

Branded content can publish only Community in «GolfStories» having access to the tool work with branded content, as well as an account in «GolfStories».We define branded content as publisher content, which provides guidance on a reimbursable basis.Use the tool work with branded content for Communities «GolfStories» having access to it to mark third party products, brands or partners in such content. Community «GolfStories» must comply with the following rules.

  1. In the beginning, middle and end of the video and audio recordings should not be commercials.
  2. Video and images should not be banner ads.
  3. In the first three seconds of the video should not be cards credits.Cards with advertising inserts in the rest of the video, for example, in the middle or at the end, should not be displayed more than three seconds.
  4. On the Pages of the show must be branded content, the watermark shows and trailers.
  5. Do not use the tool work with branded content to mark Community, brands, or partners without their prior consent.
  6. It is forbidden to take any kind for the publication by the Communities «GolfStories» of content you did not create, which you did not participate and in which you are depicted.
  7. Follow all applicable laws and regulations, including to provide disclosure of information to the people using «GolfStories», for example warn that you published the content of a commercial nature.