Terms of Use

Community rules

We are pleased to welcome you in the community «GolfStories». To make your stay in the community was pleasant, and the communication and discussion of correct and respectful towards all interlocutors, we ask you to adhere to the following Rules. Their observance does not require you serious effort and join in our community, the creation of any message automatically means your consent with these rules and with the need for their implementation.

Key terms:

  • The administrator of the community party, having a full set of rights management community.
  • «Moderator» – a member of the community, the user and approved by the Administration, with enhanced rights management Community. The moderator ensures that users behave within the limits established by Rules of the community in which they communicate, and can exercise their rights, to stop violations and to punish the guilty.
  • Offtopic (from the English. offtop) is avoiding the topic or to discuss any other topics not related to the main problem (question) raised in the basis of created topics (topic).
  • The flood (from the English. flood) – «blockage» page messages, meaningless statements, multiple repetition of the same symbol or element, it’s just a jumble of different letters, numbers, or all together. Under the flood also refers to a duplicate or similar posts that are written in a row or within available time editing.
  • Flame (from the English. flame) – emotional, unreasoned statements, about which people have different opinions and tastes, inciting controversy, provoking participants to break the rules, being rude, etc.
  • Spam (from the English. spam) – sending advertising messages of different nature.
  • The ban list – the list of participants who do not have access to the community. Used when serious or repeated violation of the rules.

Community members have the right to:

  • Participate in discussions, to Express own opinion on any subject in any subject of the community.
  • To inform about violations in the community in a personal message.
  • All Community members have equal rights and responsibilities regardless of age, sex, nationality, place of residence, network addresses, login time and other circumstances, except in cases of violation of these Rules and affiliation of the participant to the administration of the community.

Participants are NOT recommended:

  • to use when writing a message in any language other than Belarusian or Russian;
  • create messages that are relevant to offtop, flame, flood;
  • a short, uninformative or meaningless messages (similar messages are also meaningless statements like «hi, I», «like, «+1», etc.);
  • create messages containing only smiles;
  • new threads that duplicate existing on the basic parameters;
  • use community directly or indirectly for campaigning and direct advertising;
  • to abuse of functional CAPS LOCK key (it does not conform to etiquette, because it is equivalent to shouting and is disrespectful to other participants);
  • post photos (pictures, images) that are not relevant to the theme of the community.

Members are PROHIBITED from:

  • to use when communicating in the community profanity;
  • “to get personal”;
  • harassment and discrimination of members and third parties on any grounds (ethnic, gender, religious, racial, age, professional or any other characteristics);
  • to disseminate private information about the participant, his personality, activities without his consent;
  • create messages and themes with a strong nationalist bias;
  • to create topics and messages in the nature of an appeal or propaganda of any kind, illegal or illegal actions, statements containing expressions of national, racial, religious or any other intolerance, propaganda of extremism, fascism, etc.;
  • leave community messages containing advertising (in any degree) in nature and not related to «GolfStories»;
  • post links to online resources and/or files containing advertising information that is not related to «GolfStories»;
  • re-create the same message (subject) with an interval of less than 2 weeks if it is not due to special circumstances;
  • to create themes and messages that provoke user for violations of these Rules;
  • deliberately to change when quoting the meaning of the statements of interlocutors;
  • to place in the community images containing obscene expressions, appropriate gestures, pornographic images, explicit erotic content, either directly or indirectly promote drug use, in violation of any of the paragraphs of section No. 3, as well as insulting to anyone (including third parties) dignity, personality, etc.
  • the community is also FORBIDDEN all that is forbidden by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. And norms of the International community. Violation of this condition leads to blocking of the User account.

Consequences of violations:

  • rule violations are punished with warnings, temporary or permanent exclusion from the community – depending on the severity of the violation and at the discretion of the Administration;
  • in the case of serious and/or systematic violations of the access to the community (temporarily or permanently) can be closed without any warning and the user is listed in the ban list;
  • messages that do not comply with either blocked or deleted (with or without warning, depending on the degree of violation).


  • each member when joining the community agrees to the terms and rules of the community;
  • ignorance of the Rules or their lack of understanding does not exempt the parties from liability for their actions;
  • messages Express the views of the author, and it may not coincide with the point of view of the administration of the community;
  • any user who believes a message is sent or it offends someone’s dignity, or contrary to the Rules of the community can contact a Community administrator via a private message, but the Administrators reserve the right not to answer Intrusive or insulting letters;
  • complex conflict situations remain in the Administration. In the event of such situations, they are solved for in this manner;
  • Community administration is not responsible for the material and moral damage caused to the user, in case of opening any of the links posted in the community by another user;
  • the actions of the Administrators and persons relevant to the development and support of the community, not subject to discussion.
  • community rules are not discussed. Community administration reserves the right to modify and change this set of rules of behavior and communication in the community.


Rules for Communities


Our rules

The following terms, as well as our data use Policy, Etiquette Golf community and a statement of rights and responsibilities apply to all creators and administrators of the Community «GolfStories». You are responsible for ensuring compliance with your Community on all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Company, brands, events, events do not have the right to create a private account (profile), they are required to create a Community.

Any non-authorized commercial content will be immediately removed, and Community and user profiles to be blocked, without consideration of reasons.

General rules for Communities

  • Misleading or false Community

The community should not be fraudulent, misleading or deceptive.

  • Identify theft and the misrepresentation of other Users

Community must not impersonate the official Community of a brand, entity or public figures or their representatives, if they are not. If the Community is used to Express support or interest in a brand, entity, or public person, in their name or description should clearly indicate that they are not an official representative.

  • Gambling

Society must not promote or conduct gambling online games, online games for real money or online lotteries without our prior written permission.

  • The content with the wrong tags

The community should not put inaccurate tag content or encourage users to do this.

  • Promotion

Community should not encourage people for the use of functions or capabilities «GolfStories» not on purpose.

Promotion in Communities

A message about promotions

If you use the «GolfStories» to inform you of promotions or to conduct a promotion (e.g., contest or sweepstakes), you are responsible for the legality of its conduct, including:

  • official rules;
  • offer conditions and requirements for participants (e.g., restrictions on age and place of residence);
  • compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all the rewards offered (e.g., registration and obtaining all necessary permits from regulatory authorities).

Mandatory content

Promotions in the «GolfStories» should include the following:

  • the full release of «GolfStories» from liability each participant;
  • confirmation that the promotion is in no way sponsored, supported, administrated or associated with «GolfStories».

Conducting promotions

Promotions can be held in the Community. Personal timelines and communication with friends should not be used for promotions (for example, it is forbidden to publish such messages as “share on your Timeline to participate”, “share on a friend’s Timeline to get additional bonuses” or “check your friends in this post to participate”).

Assistance in promotion

«GolfStories» does not help to carry out promotions, and you agree that using our service to conduct their promotions, you do so at your own risk.

Data collection in the Communities

Getting data from users

If you get the content and information directly from users in your Community, we need to clarify that this information is collected it is you, not «GolfStories» to provide notice and obtain the consent of users to use information and content that you collect. Regardless of how you obtain content and information from users, you will be responsible for obtaining from them all necessary permissions for any use of this content and information for any other purpose.

Automatic data collection

Your Community should not collect content and information users or otherwise obtain access to the «GolfStories» automatically (for example, by using bots that collect information, software, bots, spiders, or scrapers) without written permission «GolfStories».

Calls to action

Your Community should not use the information obtained as a result of human interaction with the call-to-action of your Community, for any purpose other than providing the services associated with such call-to-action. If you want to use such information for any other purpose, first get the explicit consent of that person.

Special rules for Communities

Policy platform

Applications hosted in your community, must comply with the Policy platform «GolfStories».

The Name Of The Community

In the names of Communities should not be not normative lexicon, grammatical errors, unnecessary punctuation marks. They should not consist solely of generic terms or place names.

The visibility of the content

The content published in the Community available to all who signed up on the Community.

Age limit

You need to limit access to age when required for compliance with existing laws and regulations.

Preview publications

Sharing third party links with their Community, do not edit any parts of the preview publication.

Changes and associations of names

Change and Association names must not create a false impression or unintended communication, and should not significantly change the subject Community.

Controlled goods

Groups that contain proposals for the private sale of regulated goods or services (including firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products) must restrict access for users under the age of 18.

Branded content in Communities

Attracting traffic to third-party applications and on third-party sites

You have no right to take any remuneration for attracting traffic to the app or the website used to arbitrate traffic or contain too much advertising compared to the amount of useful content, overly sexual or shocking content, klimaty or content that promotes fraud.

Branded content

All other branded content must comply with the Rules of use of branded content «GolfStories».

Mandatory disclosure of information

Your Community needs to present all the information that you are required to disclose users «GolfStories» for example, you should warn about the commercial nature of published content.

Special rules for Community tournaments and other events

The data community may not use automated means to create invitations to events .

The community must be informed in advance of any actions and additional costs associated with the purchase of a ticket, payment of the participation to the event, clearly indicating this information.

Thank you for your attention!
Administration «GolfStories»